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Visual identity / Brand

Visual identity

Creating a visual identity of your business is the foundation for a successful business. To achieve your marketing goals and thereby generate the profit and success of your products or services, good design and visual identity creation is a key component for your company’s recognition. It depends on the activity you are dealing with and the audience you want to communicate with.

Strong and memorable visual identity or high-quality corporate design will create a consistent image and image for your company through all the materials your company is using. At the start, this will build a better effect on customers that aims to increase awareness of your company and its products.

  • Design and creation of a logo
  • Creating a standard book
  • Creating an internet site
  • Map design design
  • Design of a memorandum
  • Business Folder Design
  • Design envelopes
  • Company logo design


Professional design of memorandums, flyers, envelopes, brochures, logos and other promotional materials, preparation for print.

Marketing strategy development

You want a bulletproof marketing plan to elevate a way to success? We will think up and realise a firm strategy based on modern communication channels and optimum ingredients in marketing mix.

Za Vas ćemo osmisliti pametnu strategiju i adekvatne kanale komunikacije sa tržištem te optimalni marketing mix.

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