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Community Management

Social Media Marketing is the fastest-growing segment of internet marketing today. It represents the process of increasing conversations with social network users, building awareness of the product or brand, and increasing sales. Today social networks are one of the most important PR channels in real time ..

Community management communicates with your target group on social networks. It includes profiling on social networks, regular placement of relevant content, animating users and answering all users’ questions.

Social networks have become an extremely important channel of communication with customers and are increasingly aware of those who want to achieve better marketing and sales results. However, in the beginning some community management decisions are taken in their hands for a few (understandable) reasons. These are avoiding additional costs, direct contact with colleagues who can help them with regard to the ambiguities or user’s concerns and the fact that they know their business better. In practice, the idea of ​​self-managing social networks often falls into the water, because with job-management, few people have time to be active in social media communication with clients.

Business is always at the forefront, and numerous profiles and pages open on all available social networks fall into oblivion or they are devoted to you during the weekend and the few free moments. True, you do not have additional costs, but no desired results. CM is a full-time job, not a free activity. If you are constantly at business meetings or overwhelmed by other obligations, you will not be able to dedicate yourself to clients and potential clients who need to be on the go. Likewise, although you know best about your own business, you are subjective in approaching it, and the tone of customer communication can be misleading and thus counterproductive. Our agency employees quickly learn about the way your business is and the direction in which communication with the target group should go, and each client accesses individually and creates content with the best response to it.

If you already have open accounts on some of the social networks, but you do not know how much further and what would be best to keep the activity of the users following you increased, we always make a detailed analysis of what’s happening before we meet with you, find the weak points and design the concept social networks, which we later and successfully perform.

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