Vision Mission Goal

Culex - Vision Mission Goal

The technological advancement of the beginning of the 21st century has completely changed the way we perceive the world around us. The Digital Age has linked us to open communication and exchange of invaluable information. Research in the 5G, AI and Extending Reality (XR) predicts a radical change of approaches and methods of learning, communication, health, travel and creation.

Happiness is being created today, so we focus on developing services and content that will help us tomorrow.


We visualise the future of Culex Studio as a creative and technological incubator for the development of innovative services and solutions in the field of virtual reality. In a networked and information-related world we want to act as a catalyst for developing VR content and services at the local level.

To position Culex as a regional leader in the development and application of modern virtual and digital services. By working with other entities on the market, developing and implementing innovative products, services and content based on future-predicted technology capabilities.

The current state of the IT sector shows a trend of increased interest and information for potential users for XR (Extended Reality) technologies. Although technology for the development of virtual worlds is needed, the high initial cost of equipment and the lack of high-quality content have for the moment prevented the larger market penetration of future-oriented technology.

In order to realize their vision and fulfill the mission, it is necessary to continually achieve the goals of the lower level that form the basis of our digital action. Defining and evaluating the set goals is done through an internal system of continuous assessment and business process development.

Focus on innovative and functional solutions. Promoting continuous improvement of internal knowledge and professional competencies. Individual approach to the development of each product fully fulfilled the wishes and needs of the client. networking and resource sharing with other related and interested subjects at the local level.

Increasing awareness and educating the wider community about the current and future projections of the “expanded reality” technology brought tomorrow.


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