We are a specialised studio focused on development and production of unique virtual experiences and interactive cinematic 360° video content.

Virtual world is slowly but surely merging with the real one. Diverse forms of extended reality (XR) are being applied in digital marketing, construction industry, architecture, healthcare, culture, tourism, sports, education, fashion, communications and other thriving industries.

We believe that it is always a better option to actively participate in creating the future of our own surroundings than being a passive bystander. Our projects thrive towards innovation, process optimisation and new trend creation. If You require any information about virtual realities or are just interested in XR based products and services, feel free to contact us.

eXtended perception

Virtual Reality

VR presents generational leap and redefines the way we consume digital content.
Immersive experiences, “close-to-real” sensations and practical possibilities for simulating
“real” conditions that make extended realities a multifunctional tool whose real potential
we just started to uncover.



Holodeck engage
HC150 standalone hologram unit displays high resolution video content embedded in 3D space.

Although it was primarily intended for marketing, advertising, tourism and other presentation based activities applications, users are finding new ways of using this inspiring product.

  • standalone hologram unit
  • adjustable display options
  • wireless control using mobile device

Augmented Reality Booklet

Old information technologies meet the new.
Augmented Reality Booklet is an unique digital souvenir originally designed and developed in
Culex XR studio in Osijek.

  • 20 coloured pages with different motives
  • triggered 3D animations and extra information
  • activated using “Croatian Landmarks” Android application


Effective digital marketing service is achieved through cross platform communication with both potential customers and business partners.

Our web services involve design and development of web destinations based on clients need and wishes. We can deploy one pagers, web shop, ERP, CRM or CMS system, or just host your existing web site.

Community management presents the digital communication with fans or followers using various social networks, based on a brand (product), company or celebrity.

Culex XR uses cutting edge tech to make your content as immersive as possible. We modify “serious” to “exciting”, and “boring” to “shareable”.


Passion for creation

Interesting stories about abundant Croatian history and cultural heritage. Together we produce unique experience for our customers, which makes them come back again.

We are on a quest of finding unique traits of cultural and natural heritage of croatian regions and destinations. Once found, we transform the stories into tourist attractions and experiences worthy of a second visit.

We envision and organise heritage interpretation projects based on historical tours, travel arrangements, events historical centres and more.

We give life to ideas by generating, designing i producing attractive multimedia and written content. Cooperation with high grade graphic, web and multimedia designers and developers is an assurance of well made job.

We create business, marketing and branding strategies as a basis for a good interpretation of heritage for tourism and entrepreneurship purposes or for applications to apply for co-financing from EU funds.

We educate tourist workers and entrepreneurs to design, develop, successfully promote and market products and services that will enrich the tourist offer of the destination and ensure positive business results.

8. April 2019.


Vukovar-srijem county logo lives

The intensive development of day-to-day technology in the field of expanded reality enables more and more ways to present products
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5. April 2019.


Tesla suit: Incredible haptic VR Gear:

This year’s CES has shown incredible new technology, including a 219-inch Samsung TV, which is considered to be the absolute
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1. April 2019.

Technology meeting at cyber space table

XR / VR / AR / MR – What’s the difference?

Nowadays, the new fast-growing technology connects with acronyms like: VR; Virtual Reality, AR; Augmented Reality, MR; Mixed Reality, XR; Extended
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3D 360
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CULEX | XR Studio & Digital media Agency

We are driven by futuristic vision of the world based on ethical technology development and knowledge exchange. Aware of the impending challenges of that near future holds, we are trying to proactively focus on needs and solutions that will come.

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