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VukovAR – Augmented Reality Booklet is a unique digital souvenir designed and realized in the Culex XR studio in Osijek. The booklet is intended to familiarize the wider population with the Vukovar sights, as well as simulating visiting the home comforts of the home.

VukovaAR consists of two parts which in combination provide a special interactive experience of the selected sights. The first part is the booklet with a selection of motifs showing 10 selected Vukovar sights. Selected motifs represent important people, places and events that marked the old and new history of the town of Vukovar in photographic and textual form.

Content Extension VukovAR is activated using a specialized application for digitizing Croatian landmarks Croatian Landmarks, available for free download via Google Play Store.

Scanning the booklet with the application activates the expanded reality and the motives revive on your device screen. You can observe them in 3D space, zoom in and rotate them, and read a few additional information and interesting themes.

If you are interested in your own personal AR booklet, give us a bump.


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