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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

At one place we offer the service of creating innovative and creative visual solutions in the field of graphic design and preparation, from concept design to final appearance.

  • Visual identity (creation of logos, memoranda, business cards, standard books)
  • Illustrations
  • Print prepare for books, magazines, brochures and leaflets
  • Design of products and packaging.
  • Designing a marketing campaign
  • Web design
  • Redesign existing solutions
  • Prepare existing solutions for all kinds of print

The project works in close cooperation and agreement with the client, and according to the agreement, we introduce the working stages to the insight to make the final look as similar to the client’s wishes and needs.

Visual identity / Brand

Creating an admirable and convenient visual identity is a key step in building a recognizable inside. Visual identity must reflect the basic idea of your business and be consistent regardless of the environment in which the business image is communicated. Under our visual identity or image, we consider the name of the company, logo or trademark of the sign, the accompanying colors and shapes, and the home letter or typography.

The logo is the first in the process of creating a visual identity and the foundation of a story that every company communicates. It transmits important messages about the business itself and its characteristics and creates a general image of the brand. Your logo is visually presented, so it’s important to be striking, original, but simple.

Branding is key to business development. If many people offer the same product or service as you, a striking visual identity will help point out the number of the same and be crucial to attracting the customer to your side.

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