AI and 5G will change the world

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CES 2019 – At the beginning of each year the attention of a technologically restored part of the world population turns to the CES fair in Las Vegas. The world’s largest Innovation Fair has demonstrated through a variety of set of technologies through which we will look at the world during 2019.

180,000 visitors had the opportunity to try out gadgets that would become part of everyday life in the near future. The products were presented by more than 4500 exhibitors, from global brands to exciting start-ups, whose visions the world still lurks and blows.

“CES is the strength of innovation in the struggle with global scale issues, as well as the constant aspirations for advancing and simplifying everyday life processes. The trend, ideas and business relationships that make up CES make it the most important global tech event – and the most inspirational week of the year. ” – Gary Shapiro, president of the CTA association

CES 2019: International Innovation List
The Keynote Stage program was attended by some of the largest players in the technology market such as AMD, IBM, LG, AT & T Communications and Verizon. The Association behind CES, the Customer Technology Association (CTA), has published the International Innovation List of Results 2019. The list of states is ranked by the quality of innovation support.

CTA has announced a $ 10 million investment in funds and companies focused on less represented and vulnerable groups in start-ups and entrepreneurs (women, people from underdeveloped areas). Also, a book Ninja Future is presented, which explores and describes the knowledge and competences needed to survive in a competitive and ever-transformed future.

5G: Available to everyone
This year’s CES was the first professional fair featuring a complete 5G ecosystem. The foundation and future of transport and smart cities, virtual and expanded reality, redefined sports and tourism industry, interpersonal communication and global progress. It seems that the very end of the decade will begin a virtual revolution through the 5th generation network, while the full functionality of the system will revive in 2020.

“5G will change everything!” 5G is the fulfillment of the vision of infinite potential we have not seen since the emergence of wireless technology. ” – Hans Vestberg, CEO, Verizon

Early 5G transmission speeds showed a significant improvement over the 4G LTE, but no imaginary figures were achieved. As with many other technological achievements, synergies and system stability will be achieved over time.

Most global electronics manufacturers have announced projects and products closely related and intended to use the latest technologies that will change the way we live. Although manufacturers and distributors are pushing for “one day” transition, feedback and open co-operation of all interested market stakeholders are essential for a healthy 5G development.

Spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Along with the development of 5G networks, the unavoidable factor 4 of industrial (r) evolution is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its expansion will affect every aspect of our lives, re-proving that data and information are the most valuable resource we possess. Through a super-fast analysis of input data from the 5G network, artificial intelligence will enable the revolution of lifestyle on a daily basis.

Enterprises from every part of the economy have discovered new solutions by creating individualized and customized products to the ultimate market. Artificial intelligence will soon support the functioning of smart cities, sports technology, transport and transportation, health and diagnostics, robots and marketing. And that’s just the beginning.

Implementation of Extended Reality (XR)
This year’s edition also featured the biggest single jump in product and service based on Extended Reality (XR). Positive audience responses did not apply to headsets, as to the amount of variety available for research in the virtual world.

Presented 8K screens boost visual presentation to a new level, while most headset can not display a resolution larger than 720p. Technology at this time saves content that provides a totally different sense of experience from the world we are in.

Though with virtual reality we move to a new world, experience is far from antisocial. Successful implementation of social VR content like the NextVR presentation of the NBA Digital Game. The ability to virtual visits to NBA matches and meeting with acquaintances and wider audience of social networks is a changing experience.

From a commercial point of view, Virtual Technology has potential application in an unlimited number of applications. But it lacked the real trigger that would encourage the end user to purchase the equipment. With this year’s CES, that moment is a bit closer.

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