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University "Lavoslav Ružička" from Vukovar is the first one to upgrade their education process by implementing virtual reality in educating their students.

The project “Virtual Reality project by University of Lavoslav Ruzicka in Vukovar” has made a major step forward in modern education, not only in the territory of the Republic of Croatia but also globally. Using virtual reality technology in synergy with Culex XR Studio, the quality of education of both lecturers and students has been greatly enhanced.

Motivated by new technologies in education and learning about virtual reality, this application is aimed primarily at students of Physiotherapy and Preventive Physiotherapy, for which the University also equipped a cabinet with 11 devices.

The application is managed by a professor within virtual reality, while students, using their VR kits, actively participate in the teacher’s lecture, but can also independently manage the application and explore the human body in virtual reality.

The app allows the user to get to know the human body/anatomy  in detail through virtual reality!

We are proud that we are the first higher education institution in Croatia, and I believe in the region, which has created a virtual reality application for teaching purposes in order to further increase the quality of education of both lecturers and students. We have equipped the cabinet with a modern application that will help our students to get acquainted with the human body through virtual reality, with the application soon to be available for teaching purposes in the remaining two studies.
– Zeljko Sudaric, Dean of “Lavoslav Ruzicka” Polytechnic

The application allows user to view:

  • human skeleton
  • the muscular system
  • connective tissue
  • circulatory system
  • nervous system
  • the lymphatic system
  • digestive system
  • respiratory system
  • urogenital system

The user selects a 360 ° in depth view of a male or female model
3D model include animations such as:

  • standing
  • walking
  • seating
  • running
  • jumping
  • pushups
  • squats

This project is a great example of a modern trend in education called “Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning is an innovative training methodology that combines a sense of virtual reality presence with advanced learning theory, data science and 3D design.

As you interact with the virtual world, you make decisions just like you do in the physical world, activating the same neural pathways in the brain. Practice in virtual reality translates into improving real-world performance, with measurable results that can be easily tracked and measured, and provides us with working data and insights.


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