Why are augmented reality (AR) apps so important for your business success?

Culex - Augmented Reality (AR) - Why are augmented reality (AR) apps so important for your business success?

The goal of augmented reality is to create a system where the user cannot recognize the difference between the real world and its virtual upgrade.

Why is augmented reality important?

Augmented reality makes existing reality more meaningful by allowing user to interact with it. Educationally, it has great potential for its use in the classroom as it changes the way students interact with the real world, enhances student engagement and makes their subjects fun.

In the industrial market, the number of jobs that are being worked on changes significantly. Field experts can receive live support from remote staff who can tag, flag problems, adjust models and items such as vehicle engines and more. AR removes issues such as “broken phone” and guesswork from manual work and simplifies processes.

Example: NASA used Microsoft’s HoloLens to help build its new spacecraft, using mixed-reality applications to eliminate the need for complex manuals  

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Design and creative industries are the markets that have the most positive impact with the introduction of augmented reality. AR companies like Culex XR Studio are already using technology to help companies with marketing, e-learning, sales, culture, technological advancement etc. Developing applications that give businesses the ability to display 3D models in physical spaces will enable them to deliver stronger sales and marketing materials. Artists and CAD modelers (computer-aided design) will also benefit from AR, as it provides them with the means to render products and other assets in 3D space for easier workflow and presentation, as well as instantaneous presentation of design in real space.

Example: A manufacturing company, using AR technology, enables its product designers to display the design in a real-time environment as well as modify it before the product is created.

Proširena Stvarnost u turizmu i povijesti.

(Video above: Augmented reality project in Vinkovci. The main square was restored to the 18th century using AR technology and can be physically walked on. All you need is a newer generation of smartphone or tablet. The project was made by Culex XR Studio)


How does a company effectively train staff and apply the same training in all locations, especially if it is a large franchise? What about complex applications, such as those in health? CAE Healthcare integrates Microsoft’s HoloLens into its training programs, enabling physicians to practice complex medical procedures in a 3D environment. AR enables companies to develop training that is appropriate for each employee and allows the employee to develop competencies and confidence in their role.

Example: Implementation of Virtual and Augmented Reality at the Polytechnic Lavoslav Ruzicka in Vukovar. A project intended for the study of Physiotherapy as an additional tool for better/smarter education.

Veleučilište Lavoslav Ružička - Fizioterapija

(Video above: Virtual and augmented reality project in Vukovar. The aim of the project is to make it easier for students to understand the complexity of the human body/anatomy for the study of physiotherapy. The project was done by Culex XR Studio)


Modern audiences are quickly adapting to new technologies; 4.2 billion people are reported to be active Internet users in 2018, and by 2020, the installed base of devices with Internet of Things is projected to grow to nearly 31 billion. AR will be the next (logical) step as companies develop new applications. One such way can be seen with the Cheddar Magic Leap app, which allows Cheddar news headlines to deliver live video feeds to 3D space for users to place anywhere in their surroundings. Companies that apply augmented reality to their products gain direct visual engagement with their audiences.

Example: Social media platforms can extend reach into augmented reality by allowing users to interact in a 3D environment without being physically connected.

What are some good examples of Augmeted Reality?

Here is our list of 7 best examples of businesses using AR

  • IKEA Mobile App. …
  • Nintendo’s Pokémon Go App. …
  • Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers. …
  • Disney Coloring Book. …
  • L’Oréal Makeup App. …
  • Weather Channel Studio Effects. …
  • U.S. Army.


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