CMS (Content management system)

Web site management features are CMS systems that enable end users to easily and organizedly add texts, photos, video content, etc. High quality Web CMS systems enable users with no special technical and programming skills to easily and at the same time deliver advanced content management page. By creating a unique data infrastructure, CMS enables a comprehensive organization of all data. The benefits of CMS are particularly visible when it comes to large portals or virtual projects involving a large number of people.

With advanced functions and rapid development, CMS systems have been imposed as the most important developers in the web industry. The main features of good CMS systems are ease of use, data structure transparency, adaptability for various purposes, and a high level of control over the entire content publishing process.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM stands for a software solution that enables companies to optimize the exchange of information within the team and to improve the sales performance of products and services.

Such an application often allows application users to create user records, history of communicating with users, writing, delivering and reviewing bids to users, defining work tasks and reminders, all aimed at increasing sales and increasing team productivity.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The business of each business entity requires a certain engagement of management and management organizations in running the business of the company. The legal regulations of a country also set some rules that every business entity must comply (tax forms, traceability of invoices and the like), so often such solutions are multifunctional and comprehensive.

In order to maximize the productivity of teams working on individual business processes, to satisfy and possibly automate the legislation more easily, in order to get the administrative staff through the various records that the operative records, it has enabled a real insight into the company’s business status and thus through various analyzes and reports made it possible to make the right decisions at the right time.

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